Each painting is a small piece of life.
I have been painting all my life. Everything that happens in my life requires a new understanding and turns into images, embodied in my pictures, sculptures, drawings, etchings and lithographs.
Things which are unreal in everyday life, become real. And my task is to make them real, so that I could exist in this space, bask in these images and participate in this activity. Thinking about the observer never occurred to me. I create my own universe, but if it turns out congenial to the spectator, and if it gives birth to accordant associations, then he accepts it.
The world around me is fantastic, inexplicable and incomprehensible. Using my own tools, in my own way, I am trying to perceive it and explain it to myself. If nobody could ever see my world, all the same I would create it again and again, because this is what I am living for.